'sic itur ad astra'

(Thus one goes to the stars)

'Here, in the vanguard, beyond the borders of knowledge,

science becomes even more beautiful - incandescent in the

forge of nascent ideas, of intuitions, of attempts. Of roads

taken and then abandoned, of enthusiasms. In the effort

to imagine what has not yet been imagined.

'Carlo Rovelli'


Envisaged and formed in 1998 as an association of people with ideas and technical competence searching for solutions to interstellar travel and communications, Janus's mission endeavour encouraged research towards credible progress in experimental thought activities instigating incredible possibilities.

This ‘Blue Sky’ experimentation Forum for radical thought activity in the fields of Space exploration and other scientific disciplines has been reorganised to Foundation status with a poster web site profile.

The over-arching discipline of ‘incremental extrapolation’ that often infuses much scientific research is acknowledged but Janus encourages radical new ideas which are essential in the rapidly expanding field of space exploration.

Over the past four hundred years scientific progress, particularly in mathematics, has often relied on incremental steps, from Descartes, through Newton and others, leading to important discoveries by many great mathematicians such as Gauss who worked out the notation and principles of ‘imaginary’ numbers, especially negative values, thus enabling Einstein to develop his Relativity theories. Remember these individuals only had primitive apparatus to assist them in their endeavours as well as their astute minds.

In the early 20th century ‘thought experiments’ contributed to the development of Quantum Mechanics thereby empowering growth and experimentation in all branches of science to expand; helped later in the century by evolving computer technology which has enabled science to accelerate with increasing velocity.

Coming over the technical horizon are quantum computers, nano technology and other emerging disciplines, forecasting huge strides in knowledge, capacity, speed and storage throughout information science, theoretical physics, space exploration and other subjects leading to new protocols and algorithms for novel technological procedures in materials and applications. However, generally speaking, ‘conservatism’ is often favoured in scientific academia where ‘extrapolation’ usually and in most cases, quite properly, has priority over ‘thought experiments’.

Janus Foundation encourages thinking the ‘impossible’ because ‘thought experiments’ eventually lead to breakthroughs revealing undreamed realities for the exploration of the Universe by our descendants. If it ever becomes possible for faster-than-light communication then new methods of Inter-Stella propulsion will inevitably evolve along the same parameters.

We are privileged to live during the dawn of the space age and any thoughtful contribution will help spice up ingredients in the Inter-Stella travel cake and other scientific technologies beyond our wildest imaginations leading to a profound transition in human capabilities and thought processes over the coming decades.

Investigation projects include:-

  • Superluminal Propagation & Communications.
  • Superluminal propulsion studies.
  • Archival space-data mining.
  • Holonomy phase-shifted superluminal signals.
  • Nano Technology.

With major developments expected in particle physics and other disciplines Janus will continue to be actively engaged in encouraging new thoughts, ideas and experiments where appropriate.

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